Demos and Late Breaking News ISMIR 2015

Demos & Late Breaking News. Friday, October 30
LBD.1 A Graphical User Interface for Evaluating Retrieval Results
Stefan Balke, Meinard Müller
LBD.2 Melovizz: A Web-Based Tool for Score-Informed Melody Extraction Visualization
Juan J. Bosch, Oscar Mayor, Emilia Gómez
LBD.3 Unified Access to Media Industry and Academic Datasets: A Case Study in Early Music
David M. Weigl, Kevin R. Page, David Lewis, Tim Crawford, Ian Knopke
LBD.4 A Humanoid Robot that Can Sing and Dance to Music by Recognizing Beats and Chords in Real Time
Miyoko Tsumaki, Masanobu Yamato, Keigo Wasa, Kenya Ikeda, Yoshiaki Bando, Misato Ohkita, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kazuyoshi Yoshii
LBD.5 The Jazzomat Research Project - Jazz Solo Analysis Using Music Information Retrieval Methods
Jakob Abeßer, Klaus Frieler and Martin Pfleiderer
LBD.6 Automatic Recognition of Instrument Families in Polyphonic Recordings of Classical Music
Jakob Abeßer and Christof Weiß
LBD.7 Faults in the Latin Music Database and with its Use
Bob L. Sturm
LBD.8 Integration of Crowd-Sourced Chord Sequences using Data Fusion
Hendrik Vincent Koops, Anja Volk and W. Bas de Haas
LBD.9 Stelupa: A Music Score Search Engine
Jamie Gabriel
LBD.10 Ceres: An Interactive OMR System
Liang Chen and Christopher Raphael
LBD.11 Estimation of the Reliability of Multiple Rhythm Features Extraction from a Single Descriptor
Elio Quinton, Mark Sandler, Simon Dixon
LBD.12 Spatially Rendering Decomposed Recordings - Integrating Score-Informed Source Separation and Semantic Playback Technologies
Florian Thalmann, Sebastian Ewert, Mark Sandler, Geraint A. Wiggins
LBD.13 Folk Music Style Modelling by Recurrent Neural Networks with Long Short Term Memory Units
Bob Sturm, João Felipe Santos and Iryna Korshunova
LBD.14 The Audio Commons Initiative
Frederic Font and Xavier Serra
LBD.15 WebCHM: an online tool for music analysis, transcription and annotation
Matevž Pesek, Luka Zakrajšek and Matija Marolt
LBD.16 Implementation of Harmonic-Percussive Sound Separation for Audacity
Viktor Tamás Erdélyi, Nobutaka Ono and Shigeki Sagayama
LBD.17 Re-evaluating the Scattering Transform
Francisco Rodríguez-Algarra and Bob L. Sturm
LBD.18 Freischütz Digital: Demos of audio-related contributions
Thomas Praetzlich, Meinard Mueller, Benjamin W. Bohl and Joachim Veit
LBD.19 The Organ Web App
Beici Liang, George Fazekas, Mark Sandler
LBD.20 GTZAN-Rhythm: extending the GTZAN test-set with beat, downbeat and swing annotations
Ugo Marchand, Quentin Fresnel and Geoffroy Peeters
LBD.21 Meter Identification of Midi Using Pattern Detection
Andrew McLeod
LBD.22 GeoLocation-Adaptive Music Player
Alfonso Perez-Carrillo, Florian Thalmann, Thomas Wilmering and Mark Sandler
LBD.23 Augmented Live Coding: Harnessing Linked Data in Musical Performances
Alo Allik
LBD.24 Auralisation of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: Listening to Learned Features
Keunwoo Choi, Jeonghee Kim, George Fazekas and Mark Sandler
LBD.25 Building an Infrastructure for a 21st-Century Global Music Library
Cory McKay and Ichiro Fujinaga
LBD.26 Navigating Ontological Structures based on Feature Metadata Using the Semantic Music Player
Florian Thalmann, Alfonso Perez Carrillo, György Fazekas, Geraint Wiggins and Mark Sandler
LBD.27 Music-Noise Segmentation in Spectrotemporal Domain Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Taejin Park and Taejin Lee
LBD.28 A Music Recommender for a Group of People
Jun-ichi Suzuki, Naoyuki Suetsugu and Tetsuro Kitahara
LBD.29 The Eear: Building a Real-Time MIR-Based Instrument from a Hack
Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Martin Hermant, Daniel Gómez and Ángel Faraldo
LBD.30 MSAF: Music Structure Analysis Framework
Oriol Nieto, Juan Pablo Bello
LBD.31 An Ontology for Abstract, Hierarchical Music Representation
Nicholas Harley and Geraint Wiggins
LBD.32 Interactive Onset Detection in Audio Recordings
Jose J. Valero-Mas, José M. Iñesta
LBD.33 A Multilevel Melodic Similarity Framework
Chris Walshaw
LBD.34 This Is My Jam -- Data Dump
Andreas Jansson, Colin Raffel and Tillman Weyde
LBD.35 GRAIL: A Music Identity Space Collection and API
Michael Barone, Kurt Dacosta, Gabriel Vigliensoni, Matthew Woolhouse
LBD.36 Developing a Structurally Significant Representation of Musical Audio through Domain Knowledge
Johanna Devaney and Claire Arthur
LBD.37 Demonstrating the Meertens tune Collections: Annotated Corpus (MTC-ANN) Versions 1.1 and 2.0
Peter Van Kranenburg, Berit Janssen and Anja Volk
LBD.38 Making Electronic Music with Expert Musical Agents
Ángel Faraldo, Cárthach Ó Nuanáin, Daniel Gómez, Perfecto Herrera and Sergi Jordà
LBD.39 Introducing STEM, a New Multi-Channel Audio Format
Mickael Le Goff, Chad Carrier and Stewart Walker
LBD.40 Assessing Quality oOf Sound Emission in Beginning Clarinetists Using Optimization Processes
Francisco Chávez de la O and Francisco Fernández de Vega
LBD.41 The ISMIR Paper Explorer: A Map-Based Interface for MIR Literature Research
Sebastian Stober, Thomas Low, Christian Hentschel and Harald Sack, Andreas Nürnberger
LBD.42 Chordify: three years after the launch
José Pedro Magalhães
LBD.43 A Tool for the Analysis and Discovery of Ottoman-Turkish Makam Music
Sertan Şentürk, Andrés Ferraro, Alastair Porter and Xavier Serra
LBD.44 Taming Wild Horses with Essentia Music Extractor
Dmitry Bogdanov, Alastair Porter and Xavier Serra
LBD.45 The Digital Music Lab: A Big Data Infrastructure for Digital Musicology
Tillman Weyde, Stephen Cottrell, Jason Dykes, Emmanouil Benetos, Daniel Wolff, Alexander Kachkaev, Dan Tidhar, Mark Plumbley, Simon Dixon, Stephen
LBD.46 FREESTYLE: A Rap Battle Bot that Learns to Improvise
Dekai Wu and Karteek Addanki
LBD.47 Vocal Imitation of Pitch, Spectral Shape and Loudness Envelopes
Adib Mehrabi, Simon Dixon and Mark Sandler
Laser Harp as a Teaching Tool in Electronics Vocational Education and Training
Antonio Molina Cortés, Salvador Moreno Gómez, Enrique Norro Gañán