Continuing the tradition of past ISMIRs, there will be an “Unconference” session on the last afternoon of ISMIR 2015 (14:30-17:30 on Friday October 30th). The Unconference will begin with a brief plenary in which session topics are proposed and voted on. We will then divide up and have impromptu sessions/discussions on the topics of greatest interest. After an hour or so, we’ll reunite, report back, and repeat for a second round. The format of the sessions is totally flexible, and there are many different styles that have worked at different unconferences. It can be a simple discussion among interested parties. It can be a series of short (spur of the moment) position talks followed by discussion. It can be something else, like a demo, or a tutorial, or a very brief code sprint. Whatever you can imagine!

The overall success will depend on

  • good topics

  • enthusiastic participation

We can all help with (a) before we arrive in Málaga by taking a minute to come up with a potential session topic or activity. To get people thinking, we’ve created a free-form Google doc where people can contribute ideas and comments:


Please take a moment to think of a good topic to engage the MIR community at our big annual get-together. Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at the Unconference.

Dan Ellis and Doug Eck
ISMIR 2015 Unconference Chairs